I am just your average laid back person. I am a mother and a wife,  your local mom-tographer if you will. My passion and vision for photography has grown into a business over the last few years and has bloomed as a fully functional business as of 2018.


Photography has been a passion of mine since primary school. As a young girl I watched my mother take photos of everything we did as a family, during our birthdays, and even just around the house. I was fascinated, and inspired. As an adult, looking back at all of those memories has humbled me, and brought me great happiness. I am so thankful to be able to relive memories of loved ones lost, and heartfelt times. This creative venue of expression followed me much throughout the rest of my school years/life. After I graduated, I sought out further education for photography and am still continuing to expand my knowledge of all of the magnificent things photography has to offer. During the summer of 2018 I went on a remarkable journey of self exploration, education, and expression - and discovered just how impactful this outlet can be for me. I traveled, met many other astonishing photographers, spoke to others about their journeys, and learned. At this point I was ready to venture out into the business world fully, and allow others to experience how photography can impact them too.  I cannot express the amount of meaning it brings to my life to be able to capture moments for not only myself, but others. I would absolutely be honored to shoot for you.

Your Tog, Rebecca.

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